A Letter from Father Christy to the School Community

Parochial House, Grange, Co. Sligo
Website: www.ahamlish.com
Facebook: Ahamlish Parish Sligo

4th April 2020

Dear Parents & Guardians,
I hope that you and your family are safe and well. This is undoubtedly a challenging
time for families and I would like to affirm all of you in the good work you are doing as
parents / guardians. Understandably, this is a worrying and stressful time for all
members of our community and I am conscious of the impact this can have on our
emotional, spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing. It is so important that we take care
of ourselves and our loved ones during this unprecedented time. Every day I ask the
Lord to bless you with the graces you need.
The arrival of the Easter holidays, at a time of social distancing, is bound to be difficult
but I hope it will also present your family with new opportunities. Generally, children
respond well to a structured day and I encourage you to take time to both play and
pray with them, to learn with them and learn from them, to make memories your
children will cherish always.
Please take some time each day to pray for your extended families; for the
grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends that we cannot visit at present.
Remember in your prayers those who are unwell and the hardworking, caring
individuals looking after them. Take a moment to remember with gratitude all the
people who serve us in shops and through other services, and talk to your children
about the good work they do for all of us on an ongoing basis.
As I write I am particularly conscious of children and families who were looking forward
to First Communion and Confirmation celebrations. I look forward to celebrating with
you when this pandemic has passed. In the meantime, I encourage you to consider
how, as a family, you will celebrate Easter, and the great events in the life of Christ
which give these sacraments their meaning.
If you have internet access, you will find links to lovely child-friendly sacramental
programmes, films, animated cartoons and prayers on our diocesan website

Bishop Kevin has also uploaded a special message for Confirmation candidates. This can be found at

I encourage you and your family to please join me for Mass every Sunday at 12pm
streamed live on our Facebook page, ‘Ahamlish Parish Sligo’. During Holy Week, I will
celebrate Mass and it will also be streamed on Facebook:
Holy Thursday – 7pm
Good Friday – 7pm
Holy Saturday – 7pm

Finally, please feel free to ring me at any time, whether it be for a chat, or simply to
request a prayer or a blessing for yourself or someone else. These are times for us to
face the challenges together and as your priest, it is my great privilege to bring the
needs and concerns, the joys, consolation and gratitude of our community to God.
Fr. Christy McHugh.



Posted on Tuesday, April 7, 2020

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